Monday, January 29, 2018

The Blog Is Back... But Is Moving

We are re-starting our blog, but it is moving to Here is the first post at the new site, that is still a work in progress cause we are in Grenada and the internet is really slow. What in the world? Where have we been all this time? Well, a LOT has happened to us in the last year or two. It all started at the Miami Boat Show in February of 2016. We like the show, but never considered that we would be buying a new boat, we liked to look and that is all. But, we saw a boat and almost as quick, we decided to buy it. Our new catamaran is a Lagoon 42, and the boat we saw was hull number 2. It is a new design and we put an order in right after we saw it.
When you buy a new boat, the builder puts on it exactly the things you order with it, and the process of building the boat takes a bit of time. In our case, it took about 8 months to hit the water, and a couple more to sail it from France to St Martin where we took posession of her. This gave us some time to sell our Manta catamaran, and the first couple that saw her bought the boat. Suddenly we didn't own a boat for the first time in years. It was weird.
We considered keeping the name Saltrun, but decided something new would be better, and would keep the memories of the Manta cat separate. Why did we choose Disco Volante? Well, glad you asked. The name is Italian for Flying Saucer, and catamarans always looked like they are from outer space to me. Also, we have been known to break out the disco ball on occasion, so it was a good fit.
We finally saw the boat in St Martin late February 2017. We spent about 2 weeks getting her the way we wanted, including a watermaker installation, and we sailed to Tortola for a few weeks.


  1. Hi Chris and Joyce, wow! It is great to hear from you. Your boat looks amazing...We've often wondered how you were doing, it is great to see you out and about. Happy sailing!

  2. Thank you Phyllis,
    We love the new boat, and are enjoying sailing in the Caribbean. The islands are beautiful, and we are loving it!
    Chris and Joyce