Monday, September 29, 2014

A Little About Us

My name is Chris, and my fiance is named Joyce. We bought a place in the Florida Keys 11 years ago and we love it here. The water is what the Florida Keys is all about, and since we like to fish and dive, it is perfect for us. We enjoy our times on the water immensely, and cannot think of a better place to be.

Several years ago, I stumbled, quite by accident, onto a sail blog. At the time, we were renting a house in Central Florida where we were working, and the house had a sailboat in the canal behind it. As I looked out the window, and at the sail blog I had found, it occurred to me that we had never even been on a sailboat. Hmm. I read on. Intrigued, I went searching for some videos of sailing. What I found was awesome, sailing was really COOL! I learned that real people actually sail their own boats to really far away places, all over the Carribean and even around the entire world. I showed some of the videos to Joyce, and she loved the idea too. So, we booked a trip to St. Thomas and spent a week learning to sail on a 45 foot catamaran. We had an awesome time, and we were hooked! We decided that someday we would go sail off into the sunset. Someday. 18 months later... still no sailboat.
Then we got serious. We sold stuff, we downsized and simplified. We took a good look at where we were and where we were going, and realized that life is short. It is meant to lived and felt everyday. So, we started looking for a catamaran of our own, and in no time we bought our Manta. Since then we have put a lot of time and effort into making it better, and now have a great boat. 

Plans are in the works for a trip soon, but first there are some more projects to finish.
Oh yeah, we have a dog. She really likes boats but hates water. She is a rare dog called a Portuguese Podengo. Her name is Guincha, which is the name of a beach in Portugal. She is helping chase the iguanas out of the Keys, one varmit at a time.