Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Georgetown is Ghost-town

Back to Georgetown we went, and dropped our anchor in a very nice spot right in front of the Chat-N-Chill Bar. There were over 225 boats in the harbor here three weeks ago, now? I counted about 40. It was like splits-ville, in the morning after we got there half of those boats headed north, starting their trip back to the states in time to beat the impending hurricane season. We are right behind them, and are working our way too. But first, we wanted to say goodby, even if just for now, to our friends on Echo Echo. We went over to help try to repair their mainsail furler that has gone out on them, but it was not to be. It is going to take a serious repair for that, and Neil said it may require pulling the mast off the boat to do it. Dang. Well, at least they have the headsail, and the run back to Florida is mostly downwind, so there's that. We had dinner that night on their boat, Joyce cooked up some fresh Blackfin Tuna, seared with sesame seeds. There was a fresh salad,lamb chops and even an American delicacy; Stove Top Stuffing! Jeannette and Neil had never had this American staple of dinner deliciousness, and thought that it was wonderful. The whole dinner was great, and a light rain chased us back to our boat, the next morning they were off to points south.

We spent the next day at the beach, and climbed monument hill. Monument hill is, well, a monument on a big hill. It looks like it should have a light on on it, but it has an Osprey nest instead, maybe to warn the ospreys or something. Anyway, we have friends that have climbed this hill before, they are on a sailboat, and used to blog too, but not so much now. You know who you are, start blogging again! Anyway, we wanted to climb up the hill, so we took off with our dog Guincha, and up we went. Higher and higher we climbed, through thick jungle areas and later, scrappy trees that looked starved for water, just like us! At one point, there was a rope to help climb up the steep hillside, but Guincha went right up without it. Showoff.

The view from the top was pretty good, we could even see our boat way off in the distance. Guincha hopped up onto the monument itself, but is was too sloped for her to sit on it, and she kept sliding off.

The next morning came early, they always do on a boat, and we were up and under way before 06:30. Destination? Staniel Key and the Thunderball Grotto! Goodbye for now, Ghost-town!