Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Where's Jack, the Donut Man?

We went to the Big Pine Key Flea Market last weekend, and as usual we went to the Donut Man first for some delicious, made to order donuts. But, when we looked inside the old travel trailer that has been the donut stand for the last 40 years, we didn't see that familiar, smiling face looking back at us. Instead, we saw a different face, and asked where Jack was. Jack was the Donut Man, and he was gone. It turns out that Jack passed away in August, and the Donut empire that he created is in jeopardy. Jack was in his eighties, and was always there when we went to get his hot donuts. He would smile his toothy grin, and pretend to hear what it was that we were saying. He would make our donuts for us as we waited, and finish them with a healthy sprinkling of sugar, and present a small paper bag to our waiting hands, and watering mouths. He would smile a huge toothy grin, and say "Have a Nice Day!", and we would pay him. He would always be there, and would always be smiling away. Except now he isn't. He has made his last donut, and is now at rest. I bet he is still smiling that wonderful grin he had. And the donuts? Well, someone else is filling in at the donut stand now, until the end of the season we are told. The donuts were not hot, not made fresh this time. That was the best part, that and seeing Jacks smiling face. God bless your soul Jack, rest in peace. We will miss you.