Saturday, September 5, 2015

Life's A Wheel

Steven King was right, Ka's A Wheel, a circle without end, and I say Thanky Si. Round and round it goes, and always it starts again. Sometimes it starts again with the same players in your life, and sometimes it starts again with something totally new. That is the way it is, and there is nothing that you can do, but go with it and trust that it will be alright. Sometimes things happen and the wheel spins on it's own, and sometimes we make it go around ourselves. This time, it is us that are making the big wheel spin, and in the end we know it will be alright. Round we go again, it is really how we live our lives anyhow, temp jobs here and there, and then we move on. We have made a lot of great friends along the way, many of which we know that we will never see again. This is the way of the wheel.

All this talk is a tortuous way of saying that we have decided to sell our beloved boat, Saltrun. We have certainly loved her, and hope her new owners are crazy about her like we are. The truth is, we have her just about the way we want her, she is beautiful and renewed. She has been a faithful home for us as we have moved around Florida and the Bahamas. She has kept us safe in storms, and crazy winds. She has been our ever-faithful shelter, our cruise ship, our home. Our future is now part of the wheel, around it goes, and we are on it until it stops on the next adventure for us. Maybe we will buy another sailboat in Europe, and sail the Med. Maybe we will buy a new boat in the Carribean, and sail the South Pacific after we see the Carribean. Maybe we will travel by motorcycle all the way to the tip of Argentina. Who knows. The wheel keeps going around, and around, and along we all go with it, some know it, and some do not. We know it, and are ready for the next turn around the wheel. Where will we be this time next year? We do not know, that is the fun of it for us, the unknown is not something we fear, we look forward to the next page in the book!

Saltrun is listed for sale at, the boat is located in Miami Florida, easy enough to get to, just let us know if you want to see her.