Sunday, March 27, 2016

Our New Baby Is Nine Months Away

Yes, our new baby, er, boat, is nine months away, which is about right considering we just recently consummated the deal. Like expecting parents, we wait and hope everything is alright in the end. Some things are as they say, out of our hands. So, we wait. No sailing for us this year. No lazy evenings on the boat, watching the last bit of sun slip into the night, no more early sunrises over the water. The delivery date is sometime in December, and we can hardly wait. The name? Well, Saltrun of course!

In the mean time, we are trying to keep busy, but the biggest thing right now is the election! No matter what side of the election process you find yourself on, it is hard to understand how this year's election process has gotten so insane! Who in the...? What the...? This stuff isn't fun anymore, we all just gotta figure out a way to get along. Otherwise, the whole thing might come down around us. That would suck. I am an expectant father you know. Give me a break.

Man we might be in trouble here. All the wrong candidates. What we need is a candidate that is strong on issues, not afraid of foreign policy confrontation. Someone who is ready now, to do the right thing for everyone! The right person for the job must be the perfect combination of strength, compassion and wisdom... a real man with the big-picture. Someone who could REALLY make America strong again! The perfect person for this job is obvious. No it is not Dumbledore.

No, the person I am thinking of is obvious. It is of course....

I think we all need to just step back a bit, and relax a little. After all, politicians are all the same, right? We need more... perhaps.... the Politics of Dancing! The Politics of Fun, Oooh Yeah!

Thats more like it.