Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Last Look

Saltrun is now sold, a very nice couple bought her, and plan to sail off into the sunset. That is a good plan, we like the idea a lot, why didn't we think of that? Anyway, it is always a bitter-sweet moment for us as we look back at a boat that we have sold for the last, final time. The old adage that the best day of boat ownership is the day that you buy her, and the second best day is the day she is sold, just doesn't seem to work for us. For us, it is a sad day, almost like we are turning our backs on a very dear friend, and that is tough. We hope her new owners are as passionate as we were about traveling, and enjoying the things that Saltrun can provide. We hope that they stay dedicated to keeping her in great shape, and she will prove herself to them, as she did to us. We also hope that the adventures keep coming for us, as we plan our next step in the journey we call life. We have some big plans, for sure, but for now... we are sad to have lost our friend, our safe harbor, and our home away from home. Good luck to you old friend, we will miss you.