Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sometimes You Lose

We had all the salon fixed windows replaced in February, 3/8 inch lexan windows that were really scratched and crazed. It was possible to see through them, in kinda surreal Van Gogh kinda way. Things just looked a bit different outside back then, if you can picture it in your mind. Well, we hired a local named Pablo, or Ricardo or something like that, and he replaced them for us. It took a month. It was supposed to take a week. They looked OK, but one overhead hatch he also re-glazed leaked right away, and I had to re-bed the glass in that one a week after he was finished. Recently, one of our front windows started to leak, and this is bad. It is right over an AC unit, and our refrigeration unit. So, I did what anyone would do, I cussed a while and then resigned myself to fix the dang thing.

So out came the window. It turns out that the lip the window sits on when installed was not properly cleaned prior to the installation, in the two places the the window was dripping. All the old silicone must be removed, and then sanded down to bare gelcoat and prepped with acetone. This ensures the old silicone caulk is gone, because new silicone won't stick to the old silicone.

The window was prepped and degreased, and a new bead of Sikaflex for acrylic windows was applied.

The window opening was all prepped up and ready to go, so a healthy bead of Sikaflex was laid down here also. Warning, this black stuff is messy and wants to stick to everything. It will get on your hands, so have a box of gloves handy, and a trash can to put the used gloves in. Do not get this stuff on your feet, because it will be tracked all over the place, right Pablo, or Ricardo or whoever the hell you are?

The window was placed in its opening and the screws gently half tightened, enough to draw the sealant down, but not squish it all out. Then, after a couple days, the screws were tightened the rest of the way.

After the clean up, we hired another local, Oscar, to detail the boat. What a great job he did, too. This boat looks great now, and the leaks are all gone! So, sometimes you lose (Pablo) and sometimes you win (Oscar)!