Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We hope the new year is a good one! The start of a new year always seems to be a time when we all look forward to what the new year will bring, and yet we invariably look back too, remembering all the things that happened last year. Like most years, last year was really great, but with a few rough spots too. If it were a weather forecast, it might sound like this: Mostly sunny and warm, with a chance of scattered sleet and snow. You get the picture, life as we know it. Overall, we had a great year, and we know we are blessed to have had it. Next year? Well, we have a lot planned for this new year, and we hope that you do too. Because plans cannot go astray, if you don't have a plan in the first place! So make a plan for the year, and then watch it all change!

Looking back at last year, we have so many great memories, we thought we would share a few pictures here to help sum up the year.

We left Miami for the Bahamas for three months, and had a great time!
We danced and sang under the disco ball and lights aboard Saltrun!
Our dog, Guincha, had a particularly hard time adjusting to life aboard the boat.
Joyce honed her skills as a Genie, levitating the dingy!
And later, becoming a giant in order to move this huge tree out of the way!
We went to church in the Bahamas!
We saw rare tropical birds.
And a once in a lifetime visit by a magical albino turtle!
We swam with the fishes too.
Easter brought us a rare visit from the Drunken Master of the Easter Peeps!
We had a free guided tour of the Atlantis Aquarium!
We found some conch for dinner.
And an abandoned raft, on an abandoned beach!
We had good times with friends, in faraway places.
And learned not to park the boat in the forest!
We all had a great time, even Guincha!
We went to the Miami boatshow, and ate at Hooters.
But it seemed a little expensive at the time.
Dogs love the white sand beaches in the Bahamas. But, this ain't no potcake dog!
joyce refinished the table.
We drove the car to town as often as we could.
We found the place where Columbus landed, and our friends thought they spotted his ship!
Guincha got hot, but learned to cool off in the ocean.
We met some cruisers from Australia, they were a lot of fun, especially Neil!
We were visited by a ghost one stormy night in the Bahamas Land and Sea Park, and lived to tell about it!
We added our boat name to the pile at the top of Boo Boo Hill.
We made it back to Miami safe and sound.
We went to Steinhatchee Florida and went snorkeling for the elusive Bay Scallop.
We hit the road for a visit to see family and friends in Pennsylvania.
We let Aunt Helen lean on the hood for this photo!
I guess it was a pretty slow year, all in all. Maybe we can think of more to do this year! Happy New Year!!!!!!