Saturday, September 27, 2014

Our First Post

It has been years coming, and it is now finally happening for us. My name is Chris and my fiance is Joyce. We have had our sailboat, a Manta 38 catamaran named Saltrun, for 18 months and have finally just completed our first sail on her! She needed some work when we got her, and a lot is still left to do of course, but that will never end. We did some big refit things, and a lot of little things too, and she is looking pretty good. That just leaves the sailing part... we are newbies at the whole sailing thing. Think sergeant Shultz on the TV show Hogans Hero. "We know Nothing". Well, that is not entirely true. We spent a week on a catamaran learning to sail, but that was 3 years ago. I honestly can't remember a lot about last month, let alone 3 years ago. We do remember some of the basics though.
Red running, blue standing.
Got it.