Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day weekend, we would like you to take just a minute and reflect on how lucky we all are. We live a dream life here in America, a life that provides not only opportunity and reward, but on a more basic level, it provides safety and security knowing that we really do enjoy the most basic rights as so clearly spelled out in the Declaration Of Independence. "Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness" are often quoted as a famous and integral part of the Declaration Of Independence, and indeed are very powerful words. But words alone mean nothing, and without the sacrifice of so many, those words would have soon been forgotten, or gone down in history as the foolish fodder of the deranged colonists. Luckily, for us, these words were worth fighting for, as sometimes things are. Think about how lucky we are, as we sit in the AC and casually watch something entertaining on the tube. Or as we travel in our cars for the holiday, free to go about our pursuits without fear of search or seizure. Next time you go to the store, stop for a second and be amazed at everything that you can put in your buggy, and think of how different things would be without your local grocery store, Walgreens, or Home Depot.

Memorial Day started in 1868 as Decoration Day, as a way to remember those killed in the Civil War. On Decoration Day, the graves of fallen soldiers were decorated, as a way of honoring and remembering the ultimate sacrifice that the fallen soldiers had made. As the years went by, the modern Memorial Day was established to remember those that gave everything they had, so that we might be free to enjoy those words from the Declaration Of Independence. In a sad way, many people do not even know that Memorial Day is a remembrance of those fallen soldiers. We are all busy, consumed by the day to day chores. Please, take just a minute to stop, and reflect on not only how lucky we all really are, but if not for the brave young people that made it possible.


Be Thankful

I am Sad

I am Proud

I am Lucky

I Remember

Thank You

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