Friday, April 15, 2016

Eat Cake By The Ocean!!!

So, we wait for the boat to be built and do nothing but wait and wait. The boat is still in liquid resin form right now, and has, well, a long way to go. We expect a lot you know. No problem, so we wait. But what to do in the mean time? We keep busy, doing normal things like... going to the beach. We ate some cake there just the other day, it was really great! Delicious! As a matter of fact, Joyce surprised me with some really killer cake, I was shocked... I thought we were just going to the beach! And before I knew it, we were having some of the best cake you could imagine, and the view was awesome!!! So, todays video link is all about eating cake by the ocean!!! Enjoy, and have some cake by the ocean too!!

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