Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Saltrun is Now For Sale

The boat, our boat, Saltrun, our Manta 38 Catamaran, is now for sale.


We have decided to move up to a brand new catamaran, in the 42 to 44 foot range, and continue our journey. It is not as if there are issues with this boat, we just want that new boat smell I guess. This is actually a little out of character for us, we don't buy new cars simply because they are a horrible investment. We don't follow the latest trends in automobiles, waiting for the latest model to come out. For us, a good used car is just fine. So, when we decided to buy a brand smacking new boat, it was a bit of a shock to both of us that we actually wanted one in the first place. Why?
Well, for us, we decided to continue sailing until we got tired of it, and we are not anywhere near finished doing that. On the contrary, we love the sailing, the freedom and the leisure that we found on the boat. Sure, sometimes things are hard, harder than living in a house for sure, but things are better too. We have the ability to move with the wind and tide, and go where we want. We go places that most people cannot, living off the grid in a totally self supporting way. We see things and experience moments that are unforgettable, irreplaceable. We are, well, hooked on it I guess.
The move to a bigger new boat for us is a decision that is based, for a lot of reasons, in the timing of things. We are doing very well with our careers, and we are at an age where we can afford to buy an expensive new boat. Ten years from now, we may not be in the same situation, or want to do it then either. So, we have decided to let this Manta go, and focus on something new. We love this boat, we have been aboard for several years now, and are completely at home and comfortable here. The huge Galley and Refrigeration and Freezer storage makes it possible to stock up on plenty of supplies. We have an owners side to the boat, as all Mantas are configured, and the separate shower and large head are a dream. Take it from us, if you have to sacrifice to live on your boat, it better not feel like camping, or you will not tolerate it for long. It must feel safe and secure, and have the comforts of home, or your trips will be short and less than fulfilling. The boat has never dragged the anchor, and the all new chain and windlass work perfect, keeping us secure at night. The boat is cool, with 2 AC units, and the whole boat looks like new. We will sure miss her, and we would like to think she will miss the love and attention we gave her too. We know in our hearts that someone will love her too, and probably will enjoy her as much as we have. Are you that person?


  1. I'll buy it. But don't know how to sail. Also not won the lottery. 😡😢😥

  2. Hi guys, When will you get the new boat? Will you be able to sail this coming season? Looking forward to catching up with you a bit later in the year. Cheers for now Jeanette and Neil

  3. Hi guys, When will you be getting the new boat and will you be sailing this coming season? Looking forward to catching up with you later in the year. Cheers
    Jeanette and Neil

  4. I think buying a new cat is a splendid idea. Advancements with hull design and the addition of dagger boards have removed most of the objections mono-hull sailors had against cats. The newer cats point better to wind and have more powerful rigs than those produced just 5 years ago.

    Personally there are a few production cat brands I would avoid as the overall craftsmanship is lacking or the hulls have not been modified in years.

    Good luck in the sail of your boat and purchase of your dream boat.

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

  5. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments, this is an emotional decision for us, and it is nice to have a bit of positive feedback. We have not decided what boat is next for us, we are still working our temp job, and are busy enough trying to sell this boat! As for sailing this season, which is approaching quick, we will have to see. If the boat does not sell right away, we will have to just use it for another season! Now doesn't that sound good!
    Chris and Joyce