Sunday, June 21, 2015

Life Is Short...

Yes, Life is short. It may not seem that way when the normal 9 to 5 seems to never end. When the children's needs never seem to stop. Or even when work demands or everyday stresses seem to take all day and then some, to squeeze into the always busy schedule. Why in the world do we always seem so tired, I swear we seem to squeeze every last drop of time out of every single day and we are always so damn busy and... then something happens, and we realize that we almost missed the important part of life. That part that makes us whole, and compassionate and well, human I guess. We feel this part of life when we relax, and when we let go of the stresses that we and society have placed upon us. When we are free and able to let go of all those things that "normal people" take for granted. Cell phones and gym memberships and car insurance and union dues. Sometimes it takes a lot to rattle that cage, to get your attention, to snap out of it. Sometimes it only takes a single moment in time. A sentinal moment that makes it all suddenly crystal clear, so obvious that you wonder, what was the thought process that kept it from you all this time. For us, being free from the norm meant exploring by boat, taking on the unknown and embracing the sea to find new shores and new experiences. It has become a way of embracing something new, and yet fearful at the same time, and also something that most people find out of the ordinary. We have spent time on the oceans, fishing and traveling, but not at a great distance, and we wanted more. We did not want to find ourselves old and incapable of doing these things, and so we set our selves upon making this happen while we are relatively young. What a life we would have had if we had realized this much younger in our lives. What adventures we would have had, with the gift of youth and the spirit of adventure and energy the young have! While we are not old at all, we are not young either, we know this for sure, and we envy the young people that have decided to embrace the sea, the challenges and hardships, the rewards that a life on a sailboat exploring can become. Don't wait until the perfect moment to go, to have kids, to move to a better place, to go back to school, to anything. Make your decision and go for it. For us, we should have gone along time ago, in a smaller boat and on the cheap would have been just fine. Go now, just go. The things that you want in life, go find them and make that happen. Do not let life go by, and find that you cannot do things, because you are too old, too poor, or too sick. Go now, go now... go now. We love you John. Hang in there.
We've got your back, we love you...


  1. Great post....this is why I don't write anymore....because I was never able to write with such elegance. But also great words to live by, and the young should listen to the (older and wiser) folks like us.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, I am sure that the heartfelt words that were in this post would be said by you also. You are a very capable writer, and I am being given a bit too much credit. We miss your blog posts, and look forward to seeing you again soon.