Friday, May 29, 2015

New Video: The Climb Up Monument Hill

While we were in Georgetown, in the Exumas, Bahamas, we tackled the climb to the top of monument hill. There is, of course, a monument there, and we wanted to see it. So, we grabbed Guincha, and some water, and up we went!

Our plan was to find a trail to the top, and we did, but later we found out that there is a much easier trail than the one that we followed. Figures. It was pretty steep at a few places, but really not that bad. The view from the top was worth the effort.

Joyce found out that the monument was originally used as a marker to let passing ships know that there were provisions here, in town. Now, it is used as a trailhead, and as a nesting location for Osprey.


  1. Hi to you both,
    Watched the video and I was wondering if it is hard to put a video on you tube. We have some Go Pro short videos but the blog doesn't seem to want to up load them so I was thinking of putting them on you tube. Is it easy to do and did you do it at a wifi place somewhere? Also where are you at the moment? Cheers from the Echos x

  2. Hi Echo,
    No it is pretty easy to post a video, but too much to go into here. Send me an email at our address...
    See you sometime soon...
    Chris and Joyce