Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Berries, Major Tom- Your Circuit's Dead

We are leaving today for a two day passage to the Berrie Islands here in the Bahamas. We will drop our anchor today in the middle of nowhere, and finish up the trip tomorrow. The weather is not ideal of course, but shows no sign of improvement over the next week, so, off we go. Whats a little wind in the face anyhow.

Our circuit is dead refers to the David Bowie song Major Tom. You know the song, about the astronaut that gets lost in space after his circuit goes dead. Well, our comment section is just as dead. I am renaming it the Major Tom section. Just try to leave a comment. It is believed that the problem is something called third party verification and cookies. Before you are allowed to comment, you have to solve a Captcha, which is a easy little puzzle with fuzzy letters or numbers. This prevents evil computers from automatically accessing the blog and redirecting traffic to a sushi shop in Chinatown. This is the latest from the Blogger Guru's ;

You simply have to permit third party cookies so you can compose your comment, then solve a CAPTCHA, then publish your comment. Being logged in simply lets you publish anonymously, without having to solve a CAPTCHA. If you don't have a Google account, you authenticate yourself as a human, by solving a CAPTCHA. To remember that you are authenticated (non Google), the CAPTCHA script (which runs under "") creates a cookie, which is read under the domains where your blog - and any later blogs commented on - is published. And that is a third party cookie.

What this means is, if you have a google email account, it may ask you to sign in. It will then leave a cookie, which is like a tag, on your computer so that it remembers you if you come back again. The next time, you won't be asked to sign in again because of that tag, or cookie. If you don't have a google account, you may be asked to solve a Captcha puzzle every time. I think this is right, please email us and let us know if this is how it is really working, or what the problem is. We will fix it. Sorry.

No internet for a few days though. Hope this helps, not sure it did. If you have a security program like Norton, or AVG, be sure it will allow third party cookies. You can tell it to just allow this one website if you want, without changing anything else.

Pictures to come later, along with huge wakes from speeding boats, Bimini has slow internet access.


  1. Pretty ingenious way of getting a lot of people to comment on your postings...just tell them they can't....then you got everybody leaving a comment because they wanna be the ones who successfully left a comment - you're a pretty fart smeller buddy...oh, I mean smart fella.

    Kevin s/v Catchin' Rays

  2. Glad you made it! Safe travels.

  3. Thanks for all your comments, Still wondering if you have to have a google log-in though. A non comment is still a comment. So there.