Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We Are Getting Close

It's true, we are getting very close to done around here in Miami. Things are getting wrapped up on the boat projects list, and the end is near for work here too. The windlass came back from California, and looks great. It all shiny and rebuilt, and looks great out front. I put a reversing solenoid and hand switch in this time, the way it was wired before was only for retrieve. In other words, there is a button that you step on that raises the anchor, but to let the anchor out, you had to loosen the gypsy that holds the chain just enough so that the clutches would let the chain slowly go out. It worked fine, but the new wiring allows you to actually stand at the front of the boat, and reverse the motor, letting the anchor fall slowly and gently to the sea floor. Much more civilized sounding isn't it? I thought so too. After all, Gypsies are notorious for trouble making. Everyone knows that. The windlass came back from Lighthouse Windlass Company in a wooden crate, not the totally awesome wooden crate that I sent the old windlass to them in, but a chip board version that is clearly inferior to the one I made. It seemed to work fine, but hey, where is my awesome crate? Probably on their showroom floor now I am guessing. Opening the crate, I saw the windlass, and two boxes. I opened the box on the left, and all the bits and pieces were in there. I couldn't figure out what could be in the box on the right. So I pulled it out. It was sealed up tight, and even labeled on the bottom. This box was just a plain empty box, from California. My crate didn't have any empty boxes, didn't need any. And it was real plywood too. It's in the showroom for sure.

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