Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dinner Key Marina

Once we were in the calm waters of Biscayne Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean had stopped smacking us around like a life size sailboat version of the Wack-A-Mole game, we went up front to realize we had made a huge rookie mistake. We had not properly secured the lines that we use for our anchor bridle, and we failed to secure those long lines that I spliced for the Med Mooring setup they used in Key West. This was bad because in the raging seas, they were swept overboard, and were dragging through the ocean. This slowed the boat considerably, and even worse, the starboard mooring line was not able to be brought back aboard. It was wrapped around the starboard saildrive. Crap! The drive was still working, going both in forward and reverse, and luckily the rudder was not affected either, so the decision was made to keep on going the last few miles to the slip. We docked without incident, and the line was free the next day. No damage was noted, except the line was a fraid on the end. You bet it was fraid; fraid of the Delta Force! Once docked, Guincha was anxious to find some grass, so we let her off the salt covered boat for the first time in 26 hours! AHHH, relief.

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