Monday, November 10, 2014

First Video Reborn

Our first video was, well, a little lacking. Lacking in that it was simply a video, and had no narrative... no story. Well, Saltrun fans, fear not. This video has been remastered with a complete narrative that makes it, well, better! Now it makes sense to everyone, not just us!

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  1. This video is a narrated version of our first sail video. When we left Daytona, there was two low pressures systems, one just north of Daytona and one just south. This caused the unsettled weather. We planned to go to Titusville the first night, and watch the SpaceX launch from there. Too bad though, it was scrapped due to the lousy weather, we were just miles from the launch pad. By the next night, we were way south of there in Vero Beach, and though the launch went up on time, we were so far away, it was less than spectacular. I remember as a boy, living on Merritt Island during the Apollo missions in the late 60's. My father worked at the Cape, and when those Saturn 5 rockets launched, they would shake the entire island. We were 13 miles away, and plates would rattle in the cupboards!