Monday, October 6, 2014

Sailing Video, Daytona to Key West

Check out our first sailing video on you tube.


  1. Good first video. But here's what you do: below your video there is a button that says "share". Click it. Then another option will be "embed" Click that. Then you will have some html garbldy-gook and you will see somewhere in that language a resolution. Chand the numbers to what you want. I put mine at like 700 width x 393 height. Then copy that entire paragraph of html language. Then go to your posting. On the page of your post there will be an option for HTML that....and your entire post will now be in HTML language. Then paste what you've just copied into that spot and save it. You can always go back to the regular way to view your posting by clicking the compose button (I think). Then your YouTube video will embed inside your post like mine do. Also, I gave you your first, I should soon see my subscriber count go up one when you subscribe to my channel (unless you've already done that...) See you buddy, keep up the good work. Kevin s/v Catchin' Rays

    1. I meant "Change" the numbers to what you want...not Chand

    2. Thanks Kevin. I will try to get this video onto the blog. Keep the fingers crossed, mine are.
      See you

  2. Well, since your blog is a little narrower, you can always size it at like 500 wide x whatever makes it proportional....but, you're a good student. (Sorry to keep critiquing, just trying to much to learn my young jedi.) I'll give more tips as we go.